A Kingdom's Heart

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AllianceA Kingdom's Heart
Start Anduin Wrynn
End Anduin Wrynn
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category The King's Path
Experience 16,450
Rewards  [Gilded Prayer Beads]
19g 40s
Previous A [110] Consoling the King
Next A [110] A Personal Message


Accompany King Anduin on his walk through Stormwind.


My father was a legend. He oversaw the rebuilding of Stormwind, stood toe-to-toe with dragons, led the Alliance to numerous victories.

Then, one day, he was just... gone.

I wear his crown, I hold his title. But I've done nothing to earn them... or the faith of my people.

I've spent the war sequestered in the keep, surrounded by guards and advisors. I need to walk the streets of Stormwind, to know whether it is hope or fear that beats in the hearts of my people.

I welcome your company.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Trade archaeology mithrilnecklace.png [Gilded Prayer Beads]


They're right. They're absolutely right.




The time for prayer is over. I must know the hearts and mind of my people.

Gossip I will accompany you to Lion's Rest.

Anduin Wrynn says: I'll need a disguise to move through the city without attracting attention.
Anduin Wrynn says: I think I know just the spell. Follow me.
Anduin's spell causes his clothes to change. Although the cut is basically the same, the materials are now drab brown cloth and leathers, with a hood that hangs low over his eyes.
Passing the guards
Royal Guard says: No luck, eh? King Greymane won't be happy, but I'm sure you did your best.
Exiting cathedral
Anduin Wrynn says: Stormwind has always been my home. I know its shops and streets as I would do the back of my hand.
Anduin Wrynn says: Yet even as I walk these familiar steps, I have never felt more lost.
Listening to Jenny and Roy
Jenny Winslow says: They brought back my cousin's body from the Broken Shore last week. I expect a lot more to follow.
Roy Pitts says: At least we're safe here in Stormwind. King Wrynn will keep the city safe.
Jenny Winslow says: Will he? How exactly will he keep an endless army of demons from invading and killing everyone?
Anduin Wrynn says: They're right to be afraid. If we fail to stop the Legion on the Broken Shore, the demons will strike us here, at our home and hearth.
Listening to Dougie and Karyn
Dougie says: I'm King Anduin! I'm gonna kill every demon I see!
Karyn says: Don't be Anduin, be Varian! He was way tougher.
Dougie says: Yeah, my dad says that too. Okay, I'm King Varian. look out, demons!
Anduin Wrynn says: I can't blame the lad for his choice. My father sacrificed everything to save his people. He was a great king.
Walking to Lion's Rest
Anduin Wrynn says: I have not returned to Lion's Rest since my father's memorial was moved here from the keep.
Anduin Wrynn says: The war has consumed all of my energy and attention. I have not had a moment to grieve.
Anduin Wrynn says: Since you brought my father's compass back to me, I've prayed to the Light for guidance, and to know his spirit is at rest. The Light doesn't answer.
Anduin Wrynn says: My people like me, respect me... but they don't believe in me. Not like they believed in him.
Anduin Wrynn says: I've heard the voice of the people, but how do my father's advisors feel? I fear they do not trust me as they did my father.
Anduin Wrynn says: I must know. Follow me to the keep.
Anduin mounts and flies off to the keep.
Outside the war room
Anduin is hidden by the left side of the entrance, peaking into the room.
Anduin Wrynn says: It seems Genn and Velen are speaking about me, but I can't quite make out the words...
Anduin's advisors heard
Prophet Velen says: The young king will become a great leader. I have foreseen it.
Genn Greymane says: Visions don't win wars, Prophet. The boy has a good heart, but he's untested.
Prophet Velen says: The Light is strong with Anduin. He will grow into his crown. We must have faith.
Genn Greymane says: We need more than that, and so does he. Anduin wasn't there on the Broken Shore. He hasn't seen the sacrifice his soldiers made... that they continue to make.
Genn Greymane says: A king must know the weight of the orders he gives--the price of them. If a compass breaks his spirit, how will he respond when the war arrives on our doorstep?


  1. A [110] A Found Memento
  2. A [110] Summons to the Keep
  3. A [110] Consoling the King
  4. A [110] A Kingdom's Heart
  5. A [110] A Personal Message
  6. A [110] A Walk to Remember
  7. A [110] Lost Souls
  8. A [110] The King's Path

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