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A Line in the Dirt (Alliance)

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AllianceA Line in the Dirt

32 (Requires 30)





Capture a neutral hill in the Fields of Blood and defend it against an Horde counter-attack.

  • Point Captured
  • Point Defended


Strategically, control of a region requires constant observation. See here on this map - I've identified a number of strategic hills, similar to this one, that the Alliance must acquire if we are to keep the enemy under our thumb.

My scouts have already marked their location on the field. What I need is someone to spearhead their capture, and you're the <man/woman> for the job.

Seek out neutral grey flags on hills to the north, east, and south of the Taurajo Ruins. Capture one and defend it!


Your report, <class>?

Incredible, <name>! You're a real asset to the Alliance. I'll see to it that my men follow your example!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv shield 04.png [Hawthorne's Shield] Inv pants leather 39v3.png [Taurajo Leggings]
Inv chest cloth 86v4.png [Robes of the Bloody Field]

You will also receive: 30s

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