A Line in the Sand

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HordeA Line in the Sand

120 (Requires 120)




46g 80s


H [120] Siegebreakers, H [120] Propaganda Takedown & H [120] Militia


H [120] Most Loyal


Speak with Nathanos.


Now that we have put our house in order, it is time to purge the filth before our gates.

How thoughtful of those traitors to gather themselves in one place, so that we may slay them all in one fell swoop.

Let us end this pitiful rebellion.


You will receive:

  • 46g 80s
  • 22,300 XP


I have orders for you from the Dark Lady. She instructed me to deliver them on her behalf, should things play out this way.


Speak with Nathanos:

Look at them, <name>. Weak. Pathetic. Small minded.
I am almost moved to pity.
Gossip I am ready. For the Horde!

Then the Reckoning cinematic plays:

Backed by the combined armies of the Alliance and Horde, Varok Saurfang, Anduin Wrynn, and Thrall approach the Gates of Orgrimmar.
Thrall: Varok... It's time.
Saurfang takes notice of Sylvanas's own army gathered atop the gates.
Varok Saurfang: Those who defend Orgrimmar are Horde as well. Our brothers and sisters.
Thrall: These warriors have sworn to fight. For you. Many lives will be lost.
Varok Saurfang: Or perhaps... just one.
Saurfang steps towards the gates by himself and calls out.
Varok Saurfang: Sylvanas Windrunner! I challenge... Mak'gora!
The gates open, and Sylvanas and a single Forsaken banner-carrier step forward to meet Saurfang. Sylvanas looks upon those gathered before her.
Sylvanas Windrunner: A traitor leading traitors. Why should I accept your challenge?
Varok Saurfang: You want to make me suffer.
Sylvanas gives a slight smirk, then gestures for her banner-carrier to hand over two blades. As she turns around to accept them, Saurfang turns to face Thrall, who hands him his axe.
Thrall: Brother... you cannot win.
Varok Saurfang: My old friend. You... and I...
Saurfang places his hand on Thrall's shoulder, who responds soon after.
Thrall: We don't get to hide.
Saurfang nods, then turns to face Anduin.
Anduin Wrynn: I set you on this path.
Varok Saurfang: And we knew where it could lead. Walk with me the rest of the way.
Anduin unsheathes Shalamayne from his side, offering it to Saurfang for his duel. Saurfang accepts it with another faint nod. He turns and advances towards Sylvanas with Anduin following slightly behind him. Suddenly, Zekhan rushes out from the crowd and attempts to approach Saurfang, but Thrall holds him back, then places his hand on the troll's shoulder. Saurfang and Sylvanas face each other with their weapons in hand.
Varok Saurfang: Let it be finished.
Saurfang charges Sylvanas in an attempt to land the first blow with the axe, but she parries him and disarms him of it. She lands a number of hits on him, which leave shadowy wounds over his body. Saurfang falls to his knees as Sylvanas looms over him and taunts the orc before kneeling into frame.
Sylvanas Windrunner: The High Overlord falls. I trusted you.
Thrall and Zekhan look upon Saurfang from afar.
Sylvanas Windrunner: And so did they. Death comes old soldier. And all their hope dies with you.
Saurfang and Zekhan exchange looks for a moment, the former with a ghost of a smile seemingly determined once more.
Varok Saurfang: You cannot kill hope.
Saurfang gets up, then begins attacking Sylvanas once again, each consecutive blow of Shalamayne parried.
Varok Saurfang: You tried at Teldrassil. You failed. Hope remains. You set us to kill each other at Lordaeron. You failed. Here we stand. You just keep failing. The Horde will endure. The Horde is strong.
After Sylvanas knocks him back, Saurfang splits Shalamayne into Shalla'tor and Ellemayne, swinging both back around at her. The first is parried, but the second successfully slices her right eye, leaving behind a cut across it and cuts right through the lower eyelid. An upset Sylvanas visibly recoils from the attack.
Sylvanas Windrunner: The Horde... is nothing!
The angrily barked last word echoes out that everyone can hear. The Forsaken banner-bearer at Sylvanas's side gives her an aggrieved, accusatory expression. Realizing she unintentionally betrayed her true thoughts, Sylvanas seemingly drops her facade and yells towards everyone in her presence.
Sylvanas Windrunner: You are all nothing!
Saurfang stands triumphant for a moment, then charges Sylvanas.
Varok Saurfang: For Azeroth!
Sylvanas suddenly unleashes a bolt of dark magic at Saurfang, instantly killing him. As his lifeless, steaming corpse falls to the ground, she gloats.
Sylvanas Windrunner: If you could see yourselves as I see you. Toy soldiers in tin plate. Beasts who howl for honor. Standing as one. Savor it... Nothing lasts.
Sylvanas raises her hands, with wisps of shadowy smoke enveloping her as she lifts off and flies away, vanishing. Zekhan and Thrall rush to the side of Saurfang's body, the former distraught and reaches out to touch his necklace.
Zekhan: What... do we do now?
Anduin's armor and footsteps can be heard moving as he walks up to join them.
Thrall: We bring him home.
Anduin, Thrall, and Zekhan lift up Saurfang's body, Thrall cradling the head with one hand, and he stares forward at the Forsaken banner-carrier. The banner-carrier stares back for a moment, then stamps her banner into the ground twice, turning as the Gates of Orgrimmar open to admit them and stands aside at attention. As the three carry Saurfang's body into Orgrimmar, the rest of the Forsaken atop the walls one by one begin to stamp their banners together in an identical fashion until they all join in, the two continuous clanks together sounding like a vast heartbeat, pledging their loyalty to the Horde over Sylvanas.

After the cinematic, Nathanos is replaced by Dark Ranger Lenara.


  1. H [120] They Move Against Us
  2. H [120] Leaders of the Horde
  3. H [120] Traitors In Our Midst or H [120] Not My Warchief
  4. H [120] Siegebreakers, H [120] Propaganda Takedown & H [120] Militia
  5. H [120] A Line in the Sand
  6. H [120] Most Loyal

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