A Little Oomph

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HordeA Little Oomph

10 (Requires 7)





Obtain 4 samples of Vicious Night Web Spider Venom.


<Dithers samples his latest concoction.>

Hmm... this isn't quite there. It needs something to give at a little more zing. I've got it! The spiders to the north have a potent venom that'll do the trick. See if you can extract some for me, <name>?


Do you have some venom from a Vicious Night Web Spider yet, <name>? It's the final component I need in order to test my experiment.


Ah, this venom will do perfectly, <name>. Everything else has been added to my concoction and boiled down. Thank you, <class>!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv gauntlets 16.png [Night Web Gloves] Inv weapon crossbow 02.png [Advanced Night Web Crossbow]
Inv shield 09.png [Reaper's Buckler]

You will also receive: 3s 50c


Pick up H [10] A Deadly New Ally before heading out.

Run north from the Bulwark along the foothills to reach Venomweb Vale. Kill enough spiders to collect 4 venom samples, but then keep heading north for A Deadly New Ally. Players will head back to the Bulwark later, on H [10] A Daughter's Embrace.

On complete:

Apothecary Dithers says: Now THAT's what I call oomph! I wish all our potions did this!


  1. H [8] Garren's Haunt
  2. H [7] Doom Weed
  3. H [8] Off the Scales & H [8] Planting the Seed of Fear
  4. H [9] Head for the Mills (optional)
  5. H [9] The Family Crypt
  6. H [8] The Mills Overrun & H [9] Deaths in the Family
  7. H [9] Speak with Sevren
  8. H [9] The Grasp Weakens
  9. H [9] East... Always to the East
  10. H [9] At War With The Scarlet Crusade
  11. H [10] A Deadly New Ally
  12. H [10] A Daughter's Embrace
  13. H [10] To Bigger and Better Things
  14. H [10] Take to the Skies

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