A Love Eternal

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AllianceA Love Eternal

11 (Requires 8)




4s (+5s 40c at max level)




Free the spirit of Anaya Dawnrunner and retrieve her pendant.


I would like to extend my gratitude for saving us. I would call myself fortunate, but my beloved, Anaya, lays long dead. I am alone and deeply troubled, and sadly, I require your aid yet again.

Wandering the woods of Darkshore after my rescue, I found myself in the ruins of Bashal'Aran... where I saw the haunted spirit of my beloved.

She must be freed, but I lack the heart to do it. Her spirit must be destroyed.

("Anaya Dawnrunner: For some, letting go is the hardest thing they will ever have to do.")


You will receive: 4s (+5s 40c at max level)

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shield 09.png [Forlorn Shield] Inv pants 08.png [Restless Leggings]


I somehow avoided being inflicted with the same toxin that the other survivors now endure. I cannot help but be envious of them to a degree though... living an eternity alone seems not worth living at all.

I miss you so much, Anaya.


Thank you, <name>. Perhaps it would have been better... if I had done it myself. But even after these thousands of years, I could not bear to raise my hand against my beloved.

Please, I would be alone with my grief...


The original cutscene ending will sometimes not happen, but will show up in your chat window; Anaya doesn't appear, Cerellean doesn't react to anyone, nor are there any speech bubbles.

The ghost of Anaya Dawnrunner appears beside Cerellean Whiteclaw.

Cerellean Whiteclaw says: Anaya...? Do my eyes deceive me? Is it really you?
Anaya says: The ages have been cruel to you and I, my love, but be assured, it is, and at long last we are reunited.
Cerellean Whiteclaw says: That the fates should be so cruel as to permit us only this after a thousand years apart...
Cerellean Whiteclaw says: Do you hate me, my love? That I was forced to destroy your living form, that your spirit be released from unhappy bondage.
Anaya says: Let it not trouble your heart, beloved. You have freed me from slavery, and for that I love you all the more.
Anaya says: Sadly, even this must be cut short... The ties that bind me to this world weaken, and pull me away...
Cerellean Whiteclaw says: No! Anaya... Anaya! Don't leave me! Please...
Anaya says: Farewell, Cerellean, until we are joined once again...

The ghost fades away.

Anaya's soft voice trails away into the mists, "Know that I love you always..."
Cerellean Whiteclaw says: How, my love? How will I find the strength to face the ages of the world without you by my side...

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