A Mission of Mercy

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NeutralA Mission of Mercy
Start Commander Ameer
End Commander Ameer
Level 70
Category Netherstorm
Reputation The Consortium +350
Rewards 4g 40s
Previous N [70] Seek Out Ameer
Next N [70G] Ethereum Secrets


Recover the Salvaged Ethereum Prison Key for Commander Ameer at the Protectorate Watch Post in Netherstorm.

You will need:


Kill Ethereum members, such as the ethereals at Ethereum Staging Grounds, until the  [Salvaged Ethereum Prison Key] drops.


We salvaged this prison orb on our last scouting mission into Ethereum territory. We'd have never found it had it not been for the distress signal that it was faintly emitting.

We think one of our own might be locked up in there but we have no way of opening the orb up without harming whatever is inside.

What we know about the Ethereum is that any of their members could - at any given time - be carrying a key to unlock an orb. Retrieve one and return so that we may uncover the mysteries of this orb.



Any luck?


Stand back, <name>. This could very well be an Ethereum trap.


Commander Ameer says: Stand back, <name>. This could very well be an Ethereum trap.
Ameer steps over to the Salvaged Ethereum Prison.
Commander Ameer uses the Ethereum prison key on the salvaged Ethereum prison.
The prison unlocks, releasing a Tortured Protectorate Vanguard.
Tortured Protectorate Vanguard says: Commander... I am not long for this world... Taken to a holding pen... hundreds... thousands... beings from other worlds... Imprisoned... Imprisoned by Ethereum. Many of them our allies. Must... Must save the others... It... It's not too late...
The vanguard dies.
Commander Ameer says: Those fools! What have they done! What horrors do they hold? And for what purpose? I will need your help again, hero. Help us. Help your people.


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