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A Most Famous Bill of Sale

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A Most Famous Bill of Sale

A Most Famous Bill of Sale is a wood-panel scroll found at [55.0, 47.2] outside the highest building in Halfhill in central Valley of the Four Winds.

Interacting with the scroll is a requirement of the Pandaria exploration achievement [Ballad of Liu Lang].

A Most Famous Bill of Sale

On this site many generations ago stood Shen-zin's Sundires, a supplier well-liked by the local farmers. One day the first Pandaren explorer, Liu Lang, walked into the store with a most unusual shopping list, records of which have survived to this day:

One lantern
Three liters lamp oil
Four packages of dehydrated fruit
Two sacks of dried peas
Four haunches of salt pork
Twelve liters of fresh water
One basket of hardtack
One compass
One spyglass

Liu Lang announced his intention to explore the world. Shen-Zin, humoring his client, suggested that Liu Lang should also bring an umbrella. He generously offered one for free.

Beaming, a grateful Liu Lang told Shen-Zin, "I shall name my sea turtle after you!" He happily carted away his supplies, whistling as he headed toward the beach, trailed by dozens of curious onlookers.


  • In beta, the placeholder was a mini statue of Liu Lang riding Shen-zin Su.

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