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NeutralA New Invention

110 (Requires 110)




A New Invention is an optional, cosmetic artifact quest from Mimiron for  [Titanstrike]'s Hati. It rewards the Essence Swapper, which can transform Hati into your hunter pet's appearance.

You must have Titanstrike equipped in order to activate the Image of Mimiron.


I should be able to create an item that allows you to change the appearance of Hati, but the components for such an item are rare. The Squallhunters from Stormheim have a Stormy Gland, and the Stoneblood Harpies near Thas'talah in Val'sharah have Pristine Harpy Feathers that I need. The Hatecoil Naga near the Ruins of Nar'thalas in Azsuna are said to have Reflective Scales, and finally I need an Essence of Pure Spirit from the Seabound Mystics in the Blind Marshlands of Highmountain.


I have been experimenting with technology that allows you to alter the structure of beasts, specifically with how they look.


You will receive: 19g 40s
Spell shadow soulgem.png [Essence Swapper]


This is my most magnificent invention I have made. In the last 10 minutes.

Starting on approach when you have 3/4 items:

Image of Mimiron says: Great, you have the parts! Just give them to XR9-47 so he can bring them to me.
Giving Parts
Image of Mimiron says: XR9-47, bring me the parts at once!
Having immediately prepared for departure with his delivery, XR9-47 teleports away.


Here you go, <name>. Take care of Hati and the Titanstrike and be safe in your adventures.


After reaching level 110, a hologram of Mimiron will appear over a projector on approach that can be spoken to, at Trueshot Lodge. Doing so will clear the conversation and make the quest available.

We meet again, <name>. I see you are making good use of Titanstrike.

Gossip Mimiron! Why are you here?

Technically this is a projection of myself, not the real thing. It's a very handy way to check in from time to time.

Gossip Titanstrike and Hati are both powerful.

Just wanted to make sure that Titanstrike, and the Thunderspark within, are in good working order. I'm quite proud of those creations, you know!

Gossip I hope your inventions help us in the fight against the Legion.

Mimiron responds cheerfully.
Image of Mimiron says: My inventions are always magnificent. In fact, I already have plans for my next one! I'd be happy to discuss it!

In Patch 7.1.0, a conversation option was added after finishing the quest to enable changing Hati back to his default skin.

Post quest
We meet again, <name>. I see you are making good use of Titanstrike.

Gossip Mimiron, I miss Hati's old look, can you change it back?

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