A Parting Favor

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Alliance & HordeA Parting Favor
Start Bryan Finn [38.9, 48.8]
End Alice Finn [37.7, 51.1]
Level 96 (Requires 96)
Category Spires of Arak
Experience 14,520
Rewards 13g 80s
Previous B [96] I See Dead People
Next N [96] A Piece of the Puzzle


Gather 6 Spectral Essences from restless spirits inside the garrison and use them to convince Alice Finn of her fate.


I don't know what happened. My crew and I must have been the first to fall.

My wife, the innkeeper, is in the same stupor you found me in. I can feel it... and there are others with her.

Please, give the townsfolk peace and show their essences to my wife. That should bring her back from that cold abyss.


You will receive:

  • 13g 80s
  • 14,520 XP


Everything is so hazy... what happened? Who are you?


We're... dead?


On accept

Bryan Finn says: Please... when you see her... tell her I love her.

Enter the garrison's walls and head behind the inn along the north wall to find at [37.4, 50.6] a pile of Rooby's Roo, which can be sifted through for  [Rooby Roo's Ruby Rollar].

Gather six  [Spectral Essence], then head upstairs in the inn to find Alice Finn in a bed upstairs.

<Alice doesn't seem to acknowledge your presence.>
Gossip Show the spectral essences to Alice.
Alice Finn says: Wh-who are you? Where's Bryan?


  1. A [96] Old Friends / H [96] What's Theirs is Ours
  2. B [96] I See Dead People
  3. N [96] A Parting Favor
  4. N [96] A Piece of the Puzzle
  5. N [96] Second in Command
  6. Complete both:
  7. B [96] Admiral Taylor
  8. A [96] Honoring a Hero / H [96] Surviving in a Savage Land
  9. A [96] For Old Time's Sake

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