A Peon's Burden (quest)

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HordeA Peon's Burden

5 (Requires 1)




Choose one:
• 5x  [Tough Hunk of Bread]
• 5x  [Refreshing Spring Water]



Ukor is a kind-hearted soul who wanted to help the beginning adventurers in the Valley of Trials by bringing them food, but found that they didn't need any. He is scared of all the wild beasts in Durotar, and he wants your help in returning the food to the inn in Razor Hill.


Bring  [Ukor's Burden] to Innkeeper Grosk in Razor Hill.


Excuse me? Can you help me?

I have a load of food here. I walked along the road and braved scorpids and spiders and worse! I brought the food to the Valley of Trials because I thought they needed it and I like to help out. But they don't need any food! Now I have to take it back to Razor Hill and I'm afraid of all the beasts along the way…

Can you take it for me? I'm just a peon, but you're a hero. You fear nothing!

Take it to Innkeeper Grosk at the Razor Hill inn. Thank you!


Leave the Valley of Trials and stay on the road - Ukor is on that road.

After accepting the quest and taking  [Ukor's Burden] from him, continue on the road out of the Valley of Trials until you come to the main Durotar north/south road. Turn left (north) to go to Razor Hill (and ultimately Orgrimmar). Turning right (south) will lead you to Sen'jin Village.


You may choose one of the following:
Inv misc food 11.png 5x [Tough Hunk of Bread] Inv drink 07.png 5x [Refreshing Spring Water]


Welcome to Razor Hill!

Required items:


Ah, this is the food Ukor brought to the Valley of Trials. Did they not need it? Well, I guess they like to starve you heroes in training. Builds spirit, they say!

Thank you for returning the food. I'll stick it back on the shelves... but here, let me offer you some refreshment first!

And don't forget to rest here in the inn. You may be a brave <class> ready to take on the world, but if your energy is sapped you won't be doing yourself, or the Horde, much good.

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