A Perfect Match

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AllianceA Perfect Match
Pearlfin Aqualyte

86 (Requires 85)




9g 80s



Speak to Pearlfin Aqualytes and arm them with the proper equipment.

  • Pearlfin Aqualytes equiped x9


Elder Lusshan and I agree that the best path forward will be to work together.

We will share with the Pearlfin our superior military knowledge and weaponry.

In return, they will be a powerful ally should we again encounter the Horde.

Take this crate of equipment and weapons. I need you to go around the village and equip the jinyu with weapons befitting their skills.


You will receive: 9g 80s


The jinyu are skilled in different ways. It is up to us to find their strengths.


Good. Let those Horde mongerls show their faces now!



Pick up A [86] Seek Out the Lorewalker before heading out. The adepts have the gossip icon over their heads. They say various things describing themselves in terms of classes without using the class name.

  • Being small has its advantages. I can sneak just about anywhere.
  • I'm quick and fast. Put me behind an enemy, and they won't even see me coming.
  • Everyone here gets the standard warrior training, but I think I'm more suited to stealth missions.
  • I never meet an enemy head on. I prefer to use my wits...and any number of stealthy tricks.
Gossip Will these daggers help?
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: This is just what I needed.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: Yes! Now I am ready for battle.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: I should begin training immediately.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: These daggers are perfect for stabbing.
  • I am a strong jinyu! I can take the brunt of many attacks without fear!
  • While the enemies are focused on me, my allies can sneak up from behind!
  • My sword is quick and my feet steady. Enemies must deal with me first before attacking my allies.
  • My duty is to protect my people. If I must be on the frontlines, then I would gladly do so.
Gossip You might need this shield.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: I should begin training immediately.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: This shield is just what I need! Thank you!
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: This shield will block many might blows. Thank you, <name>.
  • I am terrible with a spear. I much prefer ranged combat.
  • I have some skill in the magical arts, but I wish I had more formal training.
  • I prefer to shape the properties of water, and unleash them against my enemies.
  • I have had basic warrior training, but no one knows that I have more skill with spellcasting.
Gossip This spellcaster's staff is for you.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: Yes! Now I am ready for battle.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: Yes! This weapon is perfect.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: Finally! An upgrade!
  • From a young age, I have been drawn to the healing arts.
  • In your land, is it true that healers accompany warriors onto the battlefield? If only I had better tools, perhaps I could do the same.
  • I bring bandages and food to the sick and injured. If only I could do more...
  • There are too few who care for the wounded from battle. If I had the skill, I would certainly join them.
Gossip Take this book of healing prayers.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: Yes! Now I am ready for battle.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: Such a sacred text will not be wasted on me. Thank you!
  • Pearlfin Auqalyte says: So much knowledge! I must study this immediately.
  • Pearlfin Aqualyte says: I should begin training immediately.


  1. A [86] SI:7 Report: Lost in the Woods
  2. A [86] SI:7 Report: Fire From the Sky
  3. A [86] SI:7 Report: Hostile Natives
  4. A [86] SI:7 Report: Take No Prisoners
  5. A [86] A Perfect Match
  6. A [86] Bigger Fish to Fry
  7. A [86] Let Them Burn & A [86] Carp Diem

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