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A Physical Specimen

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AllianceA Physical Specimen

26 (Requires 24)





Obtain Gan'zulah's Body from Zul'Kunda.

Provided item:


The soul is ready, but the body is not. For a skull as well-formed, as marvelous, as beautiful as this... we will need a suitable body.

The chief of the Bloodscalps, Gan'zulah, won his throne with brute force. If he still lives, you'll find him in Zul'Kunda, to the west.

Taking his body won't be easy, but nothing a sturdy <class> like yourself couldn't handle. Bring it back here when you're done.

("Gan'zulah: Just... just look at that musculature.")


Gan'zulah was a brute and a tyrant. I've got a feeling that this troll will be different. This troll magic is easier than I thought it would be!


You have done well, <race>. We have a head, a body, and some juju-voodoo-mojo nonsense. Now, just a little shock of electricity to get things started, and...

(A crack of lightning knocks down the player and reveals a terrible mistake: the skull belonged to Bloodlord Mandokir, and he's now been resurrected! Osborn cowers in fear in front of him.)


  1. A [25] Just Hatched
  2. B [25] I Think She's Hungry
  3. B [26] Favored Skull
  4. B [26] A Nose for This Sort of Thing
  5. A [26] A Physical Specimen
  6. B [26] Bloodlord Mandokir
  7. A [27] Priestess Thaalia
  8. B [27] Mind Vision
  9. B [27] See Raptor
  10. B [29] Mind Control
  11. B [29] Be Raptor
  12. A [29] Ghaliri
  13. N [85] An Old Friend


You will receive: 40s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants mail 07.png [Electrostatic Legguards] Inv pants leather 14.png [Discarded Troll Leggings]
Inv belt 03.png [Juju Belt]

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