A Putrid Task

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HordeA Putrid Task
Start Deathguard Dillinger [52.5, 54.8]
End Deathguard Dillinger [52.5, 54.8]
Level 6 (Requires 5)
Category Tirisfal Glades
Experience 410
Reputation +150 Undercity
Rewards 1s
Previous H [6] Gordo's Task (optional)


Bring 7 Putrid Claws to Deathguard Dillinger in Coldhearth Manor.


Scourge have trickled into Tirisfal Glades and have infested this area.

I need someone to beat back the rotting dead and ravaged corpses that have taken this small farm. Scatter their bones and bring back their putrid claws. The Deathguards will reward you.


You will receive: 1s


Have you completed the task with which I have charged you? Do you have those putrid claws?


Well done. I enjoyed watching you smash those undead into rotting pulp!


On the path to Brill after collecting three  [Gloom Weed] for H [6] Gordo's Task, players reach Cold Hearth Manor. There, Deathguard Dillinger offers this quest and H [7] The New Forsaken.


  1. Complete all of
    • Scarlets
    1. H [6] Reaping the Reapers
    2. H [6] The Scarlet Palisade
    3. H [6] A Scarlet Letter
    • New Plague
    1. H [6] Fields of Grief
    2. H [6] Variety is the Spice of Death
    3. H [6] Johaan's Experiment
  2. H [6] Gordo's Task
    • Side quest: H [6] A Putrid Task
  3. H [5] Darkhound Pounding
  4. H [6] Holland's Experiment

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