A Savage Path Through Time

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NeutralA Savage Path Through Time
Start Caretaker Kah-Toll
End Caretaker Kah-Toll
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Weekly
Category Weekend Event
Rewards Cache of Nathrian Treasures


Complete 5 Timewalking dungeons.

  • 5 Timewalking dungeons completed


The brutal star shines upon the land, threatening to trample underfoot all who stand in its path. This star is many things: primal, fierce, and noble. While its influence holds, new paths may open up to distant places and even distant times. No sage truly understands the nature of this sign, but fortune favors the daring.


You will receive:
Inv misc questionmark.png Cache of Nathrian Treasures


I foresee that you will follow the brutal star and walk the paths it reveals.


Ah, <name>, you have returned. An otherworldly air hangs heavy about you.

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