A Shiny Reward

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NeutralA Shiny Reward
Start Overseer Blingbang
End Treasure Chest
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Type Heroic
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Repeatable No
Previous N [85H] Booty Bay's Interests


Get your reward from a chest in the statue at Janeiro's Point.


There is a stash of loot located in the statue on Janeiro's Point just northwest of Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

Head to the statue and claim your prize, <class>.


You will receive: 9g 40s

Inv misc cutgemnormal2.png [Black Ice] Inv jewelry necklace 08.png [Golden Necklace]
Inv crown 02.png [Tarnished Crown] Inv jewelry ring 02.png [Gem Studded Bracelets]


Loot at last!


The treasure chest is located at Janeiro's Point[35, 63]. Look in the cavity of the statue's (missing) left arm.


Optional breadcrumb: A [85] The Troll Incursion / H [85] The Zandalari Menace

  1. B [85] Bwemba's Spirit
  2. A [85] To Fort Livingston / H [85] To Bambala
  3. B [85] Serpents and Poison
  4. B [85] Spirits Are With Us
  5. B [85] Nesingwary Will Know
  6. B [85] Track the Tracker
  7. B [85] The Hunter's Revenge
  8. B [85] Follow that Cat
  9. B [85] Mauti
  10. B [85] How's the Hunter Holding Up?
  11. B [85] Bury Me With Me Boots...
  12. A [85] Warn the Rebel Camp / H [85] Warn Grom'gol
  13. A [85] Defend the Rebel Camp / H [85] Defend Grom'gol
  14. A [85] To the Digsite / H [85] To Hardwrench Hideaway
  15. B [85] Voodoo Zombies
  16. B [85] Bad Supplies
  17. A [85] Making Contact / H [85] Making Contact
  18. N [85H] Booty Bay's Interests
  19. N [85H] A Shiny Reward

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