A Slashed Bundle of Letters

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  • A Slashed Bundle of Letters
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A stack of unsent mail."

A Slashed Bundle of Letters is found on the ground at Pile of Scraps[61, 40] in front of worgen huts in the Brightwood Grove of Duskwood.

As a quest objective


A Slashed Bundle of Letters

To the Honorable Headmaster Crillian,

My former Master, I write to you so that you might know what your apprentice has been doing of late. Paying heed to your advice, I sought to build my knowledge and wisdom through travel outside the gates of our beloved Stormwind. My journeys took me to many places but I have decided to take up residence here in the lovely town of Moonbrook. The surrounding fields of Westfall are most beautiful as the harvest approaches.

Within just a few days of my visit I found myself tutoring the local children from the nearby farmlands. The lessons went so well that the town mayor commissioned me to run a school and construction has begun on a brand new schoolhouse! From Silverpine to Stormwind and now Moonbrook -- who would have guessed I would see so much of Azeroth!

Warm regards,

Stalvan Mistmantle

Dear Noble Sir,

Word of your need for a tutor for your children has traveled to me here in Goldshire, where I take up temporary residence in the Lion's Pride Inn. Due to the unfortunate state of events in the region, I was forced to abandon my post as Headmaster of the Moonbrook Schoolhouse. Please accept my application to serve as tutor for your offspring. Headmaster Crillian of the Academy can speak to you of my abilities if necessary.

I shall travel to meet you in person when the winter rains subside and the roads are suitable for travel once again.

Until then,

Stalvan Mistmantle of Silverpine

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