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A Steamy Romance Novel: Stormy Seas (signed)

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  • A Steamy Romance Novel: Stormy Seas
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Signed by the author, Lawrence[sic] E. Craft"
  • Sell Price: 1s 34c

A Steamy Romance Novel: Stormy Seas is obtained by bringing an unsigned copy of  [A Steamy Romance Novel: Stormy Seas] to Laurence E. Craft just outside Scribes & Nobles in Hook Point in Boralus.


A Steamy Romance Novel: Stormy Seas

Marcus awoke with a grunt, squinting to make out the dark shadows around him. He was sitting on a cold wooden floor and the air was ripe with the scent of a long night. The room rocked back and forth. Or was that just the hangover? "Where am I?" he mumbled to himself.

A sultry laugh echoed as a strong, shapely figure moved towards him. Marcus rubbed his eyes and focused his senses. She smelled of leather, salt and exotic spices. As he looked into the woman's steel-grey eyes, he became aware of the bars between them. 'Am I in a cell?' he thought to himself. 'Is this one of Madam Goya's rooms?' he mused further.

"You're in the brig, in case you haven't figured it out," the voluptuous pirate stated with more than a hint of amusement.

Marcus stood shakily, composing himself with a roguish smirk before speaking, "I knew that. It's the brig... on a ship. I'm on a ship, of course."

The woman leaned in closer, gripping the bars with surprising intensity. "Yes. On a ship. At full-mast, apparently," she added, with a flirtatious glance down and then back up to his face.

Marcus grinned in response, bowing close enough to whisper through the bars, "Half-mast, although the winds seem to be strengthening." He blew gently, catching the thick black hair in the seductive currents of his breath.

She pulled away with a fleeting glance of reluctance, "I'm just here to see if you wanted dinner." She forced a stale piece of bread through the bars.

Marcus plucked the morsel from her hand. "I don't want anything hard right now." He dropped the rigid roll and took her hand, tracing a line from her calloused fingers to the anchor tattoed on her forearm. "Do you have any Kul Tiran fare? I've heard it's famous for its... succulence. A rare pleasure to the tongue."

A silence followed his words, interrupted by the sound of the cell door creaking open and a cutlass clattering to the floor. Marcus silently pointed to a belaying pin on the far wall and raised an eyebrow. The broad-shouldered woman purred, "Oh? I'd have never pegged you for that."

<The rest of the book takes a dive into the turbulent seas of passion.>

About the Author

Lawrence E. Craft has traveled Azeroth in search of unique inspiration for his characters and stories. He claims that research is the key to genuine storytelling, and is always willing to go to great lengths in finding the right muse.

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