A Study in Power

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HordeA Study in Power

12 (Requires 12)




H Paladin [12] The First Trial


H Paladin [12] Claiming the Light

The paladin-only quest A Study in Power is part of the H Paladin [12] The First Trial quest chain, during which paladins learn the [Redemption] spell.


Speak with Magister Astalor Bloodsworn in the hidden chamber beneath Blood Knight headquarters.


Do not think me unduly harsh, <name>. Stillblade knew well what he was being sent to do. He understood and accepted his duty and is an example for all aspiring Blood Knights.

My words are no eulogy, <name>. Stillblade's service to us is far from over and you will be the instrument of his resurrection.

Your education in the order's ways has just begun. With the betrayal of Kael'thas and the loss of our power source, you must learn new methods of wielding the Light. Seek out Magister Astalor Bloodsworn.


Welcome, young paladin.

At the order's founding, Kael'thas gifted us with a captured naaru, a being of the very Light we wield. Through our superior magical abilities, we learned to control and subdue it, allowing the Blood Knights to draw power from it.

Kael'thas' own lust for power got the better of him, though, and he allied with our enemies. His vile followers attacked us, taking the naaru, and cutting us off from the source. These are dark days for the order, <name>.



  • The entrance to the hidden chamber is northeast of (behind) the bowyer vendor, next to the Blood Knight's hall [95, 37]. Alternately, you can jump down the hole in the upper level of the Hall of Blood.


  1. H Paladin [12] Summons from Knight-Lord Bloodvalor (optional)
  2. H Paladin [12] The First Trial
  3. H Paladin [12] A Study in Power
  4. H Paladin [12] Claiming the Light
  5. H Paladin [12] Redeeming the Dead

Patch changes

The quest text of this quest has changed to accommodate the events surrounding M'uru. For the old version, see [1].

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