A Treatise on Military Ranks

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  • A Treatise on Military Ranks
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • Sell Price: 25c
For the Horde version, see  [Military Ranks of the Horde & Alliance].

General Information

"A Treatise on Military Ranks" is a book that can be read in Champion's Hall within Old Town in Stormwind City. Before the honor system change in Patch 2.0, a copy of this book could be purchased from Officer Areyn for the price of 1s.


What follows are the military ranks of the Alliance, followed by such information as is known for the races of the Horde. Each is presented in two sections, the officers and then the enlisted, with the ranks of each listed in descending order from highest to lowest.

Rank Alliance Horde
Officer ranks
PvPRank14.png Alliance [Grand Marshal] Horde [High Warlord]
PvPRank13.png Alliance [Field Marshal] Horde [Warlord]
PvPRank12.png Alliance [Marshal] Horde [General]
PvPRank11.png Alliance [Commander] Horde [Lieutenant General]
PvPRank10.png Alliance [Lieutenant Commander] Horde [Champion]
PvPRank09.png Alliance [Knight-Champion] Horde [Centurion]
PvPRank08.png Alliance [Knight-Captain] Horde [Legionnaire]
PvPRank07.png Alliance [Knight-Lieutenant] Horde [Blood Guard]
PvPRank06.png Alliance [Knight] Horde [Stone Guard]
Enlisted ranks
PvPRank05.png Alliance [Sergeant Major] Horde [First Sergeant]
PvPRank04.png Alliance [Master Sergeant] Horde [Senior Sergeant]
PvPRank03.png Alliance [Sergeant] Horde [Sergeant]
PvPRank02.png Alliance [Corporal] Horde [Grunt]
PvPRank01.png Alliance [Private] Horde [Scout]

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