A Visit to the Doctor

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NeutralA Visit to the Doctor



22050 (or 13g 23s at 80)


7g 40s



Darkrider Arly at Blackwatch wants you to destroy the Metal Stake imprisoning Patches in the Sanctum of Reanimation and help him get his revenge on Doctor Sabnok.


So they've been embedding these ghouls with broken shards of saronite down in the Sanctum of Reanimation? We must put a stop to this, before these ghouls can be deployed against our troops.

Find the entrance to the Sanctum of Reanimation in the flesh giant lab area of the Fleshwerks. There, the ghoul mastermind, Doctor Sabnok, keeps the most fearsome of his creations, Patches. Free Patches from his chains and help him take his revenge on the doctor. Let his own creation be his undoing.


Have you unleashed the doctor's creation against him?


<Darkrider Arly throws her head back and laughs darkly.>

A fitting end for the 'good' docter, wouldn't you say?


Go in the sanctum and take a right, jump down. Unleash "Patches", let him take aggro and a few swings and after 10 seconds or so Patches will kill Dr. Sabnok. Be on Sabnok's aggro table before Patches kills the good doctor. While you yourself are unable to damage Sabnok, you need to be nearby to get credit.

"Patches" says: Patches get revenge on Doctor Sabnok!
Doctor Sabnok says: Oh, bravo. Do you feel proud of yourself now that you've unleashed this terrible mistake?
Doctor Sabnok says: I already had him scheduled for disposal, but I suppose we can speed up the process a bit.
Doctor Sabnok says: It's a pity so many fine, and reusable, parts will go to waste...
"Patches" says: Patches not going to be cut open or sewn up no more!
"Patches" cannibalizes the doctor's corpse.


  1. N [80] Blackwatch
  2. N [80] Where Are They Coming From?
  3. N [80] Destroying the Altars & N [80] Death's Gaze
  4. N [80] Spill Their Blood
  5. N [80] Jagged Shards
  6. N [80] I'm Smelting... Smelting! & N [80] The Runesmiths of Malykriss
  7. N [80] A Visit to the Doctor
  8. N [80] Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton
  9. N [80] He's Gone to Pieces
  10. N [80] Putting Olakin Back Together Again
  11. N [80] The Flesh Giant Champion

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