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A Warrior's Death

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HordeA Warrior's Death

120 (Requires 120)




 [Worn Cloak]
23g 40s


H [120] Grim Tidings


H [120] Queen's Favor


Defend Varok Saurfang in Swamp of Sorrows.


She gonna try an' take him in, and den no one ever gonna see Varok Saurfang again.

Dis was never a rescue mission. Dis be about power, an' control, an' Sylvanas think she be holdin' all da cards.

But she didn't count on us!

Let's go!


You will receive:


Will you stand with us?


I thank you and young Zekhan for your assistance. I knew she would come for me. It was only a matter of time.

And I do not think she will give up.

Now I have something I must ask of you.


Quest accepted
Dark Ranger Lyana says: Varok Saurfang! You are guilty of treason against the Dark Lady. Exit the hut or I will burn it down... like that tree your Alliance friends loved so dearly.
Zekhan says: Ya ain't got a shred of honor between ya! How ya gonna turn ya backs on Saurfang, after all he's done for da Horde?
Dark Ranger Lyana says: Champion, you and that troll need to stay out of this. My orders come from the Warchief herself!
Varok Saurfang says: And what orders might those be?
Dark Ranger Lyana says: You turned your back on your duty to the Horde, Saurfang.
Dark Ranger Lyana says: And worse, after you abandoned your people, you conspired with humans against your warchief.
Dark Ranger Lyana says: You will throw down your weapon at once and come with us.
Dark Ranger Lyana says: Or you will die here, in the swamp, alone.
Zekhan says: Not alone!
Varok Saurfang says: I see you still have not learned to fear impossible odds, my young friend. It is an honor to stand at your side.
Varok Saurfang says: Enough of your prattling, dark ranger! If you came seeking a fight, you shall have it!
Varok Saurfang says: For the honor of the Horde! Lok-tar ogar!
  • Speak with Varok to continue. Kill all the Forsaken and the quest is finished.

Will you stand with us today?

Gossip I will.

Dark Ranger Lyana yells: Kill the traitor--and all who stand with him!
Zekhan says: Ey! We did it, mon! What a battle! You see all dem sparks I be shootin'?


  1. H [120] The Dark Lady Calls
  2. H [120] The High Overlord
  3. H [120] A Way Out
  4. H [120] On Track
  5. H [120] Eastern Escape
  6. H [120] Corner Crossing
  7. H [120] Signs of Saurfang
  8. H [120] Ever Eastward
  9. H [120] Tracking Tipoff
Side with Varok
  1. H [120] Grim Tidings
  2. H [120] A Warrior's Death
  3. H [120] Queen's Favor
Side with Sylvanas
  1. H [120] For the Queen

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