A Wee Bit O' Cloth

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NeutralA Wee Bit O' Cloth
Start Twilight Outhouse
End Twilight Outhouse
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Silithus: The Wound
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s


Collect 8 scraps of Twilight Silk.


<name>, is that you I hear rustlin' about out there? It's me, Angus Stormbrew!

There are cultists everywhere, so ye best keep yer voice down. Lean in close and cover yer nose while we talk!

This is the only outhouse in all o' Silithus! Trust me I spent hours lookin' all through the night. I decided to sneak in for a wee drop-off before the cultists woke up, but I've got a uhh problem...

There's no cloth to... you know...

See if ye can find me a wee bit o' cloth and sneak it in through the door!


You will receive: 19g 40s


Did ye acquire "the goods?"


Aye! This'll do nicely! Just give us a wee minute here...



The quest can be started even without starting the Wound questline.

Angus Stormbrew says: Ahh... this silk feels better than rain on a summer morning...
Angus Stormbrew says: Now, I'll just light a wee match to take care of the fumes...
The outhouse explodes and Angus runs out.
Angus Stormbrew yells: FIRE!!
Angus Stormbrew says: AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Angus Stormbrew says: ODYN'S BEARD! I'M BURNIN' UP!
Angus Stormbrew says: That was a close one! I'd better take inventory. Eyebrows... check. Beard... check. Pants...
Angus Stormbrew says: Och! I forgot mah pants!
Angus Stormbrew says: Thanks again, <Name>. I'll be seein' ye! I'm off to find some pants...
Angus Stormbrew says: Oohhh...
Angus Stormbrew says: Ouch!
Angus Stormbrew says: Eeek...
Angus Stormbrew says: Oohhh...
Angus Stormbrew says: Ouch!


Pre-8.0 breadcrumbs (no longer available):

  1. A [110] Summons to Stormwind / H [110] Summons to Orgrimmar
  2. A [110] Gifts of the Fallen / H [110] A Recent Discovery
  3. B [110] Witness to the Wound

Active quests:

  1. A [110] Free Samples / H [110] Lazy Prospectors!
  2. B [110] The Twilight Survivor
    • Side quest at Twilight Outpost: N [110] A Wee Bit O' Cloth
    • Optional quest chain:
    1. B [110] Desert Research
    2. B [110] The Source of Power & B [110] Larvae By The Dozen
  3. A [110] A Recent Arrival / H [110] Khadgar's Request
  4. B [110] The Speaker's Perspective
  5. B [110] The Blood of Azeroth

Pre-8.0 finale for players with Legion Artifact weapons (no longer available):

  1. B [110] The Speaker's Call
  2. N [110] The Power in Our Hands

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