A Witness to History (Horde)

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HordeA Witness to History
Gate of the August Celestials

87 (Requires 87)




10g 20s



Speak with Sunwalker Dezco at the Gate of the August Celestials.

  • Speak with Sunwalker Dezco


I will gather up the other tauren pilgrims and we will travel into the Vale together. We can set up a Horde outpost in there to act as our embassy with the pandaren.

Meet me at the Gate of the August Celestials at the southern edge of Kun-Lai Summit and speak with me there.


You will receive: 10g 20s


Welcome to the Shrine of Two Moons, traveler.

I know that the Celestials sent you here to help us, but first, take a moment to rest and explore the city.


  • 129000 XP


Celestials arriving
Yu'lon speaking
Gate opened

Exit the temple and bank right to get to the flight master across the bridge. Fly to Eastwind Rest and run due southwest to get to the gate. Speak with Dezco:

This is a historic moment, <name>. What do you think lies beyond the gates?
Gossip Let's find out!
A cutscene begins as the camera pulls back to show a wide view of the Gate of the August Celestials. The four August Celestials arrive, setting up in front of the gate: Niuzao stands sentinel in front of the right statue as Chi-Ji does the same on the left. Xuen walks up, directly facing the doors as Yu'lon flys up and hovers to the left of Xuen as all of the onlookers kneel before them. Sunwalker Dezco walks up to flank Xuen's left as Anduin Wrynn does the same on the right. As they also kneel, the player phases in between them and kneels as well.
Yu'lon says: Children of Pandaria. The mists have fallen. A new era dawns for us all. Accept the healing powers of this Vale... but use these gifts wisely.
Xuen steps forward and makes a deep, earth-trembling roar, at which the gates' inner gear system unlocks and the doors swing forward on their own. The onlookers rise as one and start filtering in.

The cutscene ends here, but the script event continues:

Yu'lon says: We risk everything, allowing so many into the Vale.
Chi-Ji says: I have faith in our friends from beyond the mists.
Xuen says: Their strength is an inspiration... and sorely needed. We must trust that their hearts are pure.
The four celestials depart.

On the other side of the cutscene, run through the now-opened gate to reach the Golden Stair. Follow the line of refugees, who say something as the adventurer passes:

  • Kun-Lai Refugee says: I've always wondered what lies behind these gates.
  • Kun-Lai Refugee says: Just look at this place! It's amazing!
  • Kun-Lai Refugee says: To have witnessed the opening of the gates... it is a tale I will pass down to my children's children.
  • Kun-Lai Refugee says: I heard some hero from a far away land convinced Xuen, the tiger god, to open the Vale. Maybe I'll see them someday.
  • Kun-Lai Refugee says: I heard all kinds of stories about what lay behind the gate. I never imagined it would be something like this.
  • Kun-Lai Refugee says: Perhaps we can find a new home here in the Vale.
  • Kun-Lai Refugee says: The Shado-Pan told us this would be a safe haven for all the refugees from Kun-Lai. Perhaps here, we shall finally find peace.

Siege of Orgrimmar

The dialogue has been changed somewhat to reflect the events of Patch 5.4.

After the cutscene

Yu'lon says: Let us draw ourselves together to rebuild this sacred place, the first step toward healing a war-torn world.
Niuzao says: These outsiders have brought chaos to this land. Can we trust them to set it right?
Chi'ji and Xuen's lines remain the same.

In addition to the above, the Kun-Lai Refugees have had their lines removed and despawn shortly after entering the now-ruined Vale. Madam Vee Luo also ends this quest and the quest chain, explaining after turn-in where a player can go.

Madam Vee Luo says: Welcome, traveler. Make your home here if you wish. Upstairs you will find the bank vaults and city portals. Vendors of all trades have set up shop around the building. Please explore at your own leisure.


Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Temple of the White Tiger

  1. B [87] A Celestial Experience
  2. B [87] A Witness to History
  3. A [87] The Shrine of Seven Stars / H [87] The Shrine of Two Moons

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