A Worthy Opponent

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • A Worthy Opponent
  • Defeat one of the powerful champions of the Pandarian races that wander the continent.
  • Criteria — Requires 1:
    • Hozen
    • Mantid
    • Mogu Warrior
    • Saurok
    • Jinyu
    • Mogu Sorcerer
    • Pandaren
    • Yaungol

A Worthy Opponent is an exploration achievement earned for defeating one of the champions found wandering Pandaria.


The name of this achievement, along with those of [Could We Find More Like That?] and [Glorious!], are quotes from Kormac the Templar from the Blizzard game Diablo 3. In the game, one of these quotes is spoken by the Templar each time a rare or champion mob is slain.


  1.  A Worthy Opponent
  2.  Could We Find More Like That?
  3.  Glorious!

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