Abandoned Bloodwash Crate

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Abandoned Bloodwash Crate
Image of Abandoned Bloodwash Crate
Race Chest (Humanoid)
Level 57
Health 5,568
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Blasted Lands

The Abandoned Bloodwash Crate is a crate which houses the last of the murlocs younglings of the Rockpool tribe. A kind hearted adventurer found them alone on Shores of Red Reaches. Knowing that if they stayed there they would have died or be taken as prisoners by the naga, the adventurer decided to help them by taking them to the water. After fighting his was to the ocean, He cut the rope holding the crate and watched as the babies drift away into the great sea. It is unknown if they survived, but if they did, no one knows where they are. Should these murlocs one day repopulate the Rockpool tribe and remember the deed done by the adventure, they might have reason to join his faction one day. Or they may forget about it and because of that good deed of the adventurer, he may have started a chain leading to the end of Azeroth. Any of these claims remain unclear.

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