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Image of Abedneum
Race Titanic watcher (Uncategorized)
Location The Tribunal of Ages, Halls of Stone
Status Defeatable
For the subzone in Halls of Stone, see The Tribunal of Ages.


  • Warning: Life form pattern not recognized. Archival processing terminated. Continued interference will result in targeted response.
  • Critical threat index. Void analysis diverted. Initiating sanitization protocol.
  • Life form purged.
  • Alert: Security fail safes deactivated. Beginning memory purge and...
  • System online. Life form pattern recognized. Welcome Branbronzan. Query?
  • Accessing prehistoric data... retrieved. In the beginning earthen were created to--
  • Accessing. In the early stages of its development cycle Azeroth suffered infection by parasitic, necrophotic symbiotes.
  • Designation: Old Gods. Old Gods rendered all systems, including Earthen defenseless in order to facilitate assimilation. This matrix destabilization has been termed the Curse of Flesh. Effects of destabilization increased over time.
  • Acknowledged Branbronzan. Session terminated.

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