Absholutely... Thish Will Work!

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AllianceAbsholutely... Thish Will Work!
Start Peppy Wrongnozzle
End Peppy Wrongnozzle
Level 71
Category Howling Fjord
Experience 10050
Reputation +75 Valiance Expedition
Rewards 2g 40s
Previous A [71] Mission: Forsaken Intel
Next A [71] You Tell Him ...Hic!


Peppy Wrongnozzle at Westguard Keep has suggested that you take her  [Peppy's Special Mix] and administer it to the Dragonflayer Vrykul Prisoner to witness its results.

  • Peppy's Mix Administered To The Vrykul Prisoner


Voila, inshtant plague vacshine!

But I sure as heck am not going to try thish on myself. And I know you don't want to be my tesht shubject!

Oh, I've got... I've got an idea!

We've got a vrykul prishoner being held down in the cells under the keep. Why don't you take thish mix I whipped up down there, and get that giant to drink it ...hic?!


You will receive: 2g 40s


Well? How'd it go ...hic?


Huh? Well that sucks! Darn, I made thingsh worsh. In fact, I think I perfected their plague for them ...hic!

<Peppy grimaces and takes a huge gulp of whatever noxious brew she's been drinking.>

Well, I wash hoping that it wouldn't come down to thish, but it looks like there'sh no alternative ...hic.


A scripted event occurs when player gets the prisoner to drink:

The vrykul prisoner clutches at his throat as he begins to gag and thrash about.
Westguard Defender says: Yikes.
Westguard Defender says: Hmm....
Westguard Defender says: Interesting.
Westguard Defender says: This isn't going to end well.
The vrykul prisoner turns into a pile of green goo.
Westguard Defender says: That did NOT just happen!
Westguard Defender says: That's... special.
Westguard Defender says: What kind of sicko are you?
Westguard Defender says: I didn't know they could do that.
Westguard Defender says: Heh, cool!
Several of the Westguard Defenders drop to their knees and vomit.


  1. A [71] The Clutches of Evil
  2. A [71] Mage-Lieutenant Malister
  3. A [71] Two Wrongs...
  4. A [71] Report to Scout Knowles
  5. A [71] Mission: Eternal Flame
  6. A [71] Mission: Package Retrieval
  7. A [71] Mission: Forsaken Intel
  8. A [71] Absholutely... Thish Will Work!
  9. A [71] You Tell Him ...Hic!
  10. A [71] Mission: Plague This!
  11. A [71] Operation: Skornful Wrath
  12. Complete these three quests for the Westguard Sergeant:
    A [71] Burn Skorn, Burn!
    A [71] Gruesome, But Necessary
    A [71] Towers of Certain Doom
  13. A [72] All Hail the Conqueror of Skorn!

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