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Image of Absolon
Gender Male
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Level 113
Health 1,150,587
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) The Nightfallen
Location Absolon's Vigil, Suramar
Status Alive
Relative(s) Noressa (wife), a daughter (unknown/withered)
Absolon, in the nightfallen state.

Absolon is a nightborne initially located in Absolon's Vigil and later within Shal'Aran in Suramar.


Absolon, his wife Noressa and their daughter lived in relative peace in Suramar until the day Elisande lowered the protective barrier to allow the Legion inside the city. Their daughter was among those who vocally spoke out against Elisande's decision, and as punishment she was exiled from the city. Absolon left Noressa at home to rescue their daughter from the wilds, but all the evidence he found suggests she had succumbed to her hunger and devolved into a Withered.

With no arcwine to feed himself, Absolon began to wither until the adventurer found him and fed him ancient mana, having just helped First Arcanist Thalyssra secure Shal'Aran as a sanctuary. He left the area to find shelter, but eventually ended up returning after devolving into a Nightfallen and was invited into Shal'Aran by Thalyssra. Inspired by the kindness of the adventurer, he decided to join the rebellion his daughter supported and help take back the city. He also asked the adventurer to deliver a letter to Noressa, in which Absolon laments his failure to find their daughter, promised there was still hope for them and they would be reunited soon.


The elven armies of the Alliance, Horde and Nightfallen congregate outside the gates of Suramar, rising tensions came to the city and the Grand Promenade, where Absolon's home was located, had been turned into a landing point for summoning demonic troops. Absolon asks the adventurers to find Noressa in their home and rescue her, after rescuing her from a Felborne guard, Noressa is finally reunited with a now-healthy Absolon in Shal'Aran.




I miss my wife, and moreso our daughter.

Here, at least, I can remember them in peace.

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