Abyssal Cloth Footwraps

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Abyssal Cloth Footwraps is a rare item that has a chance to drop from Kraator, a rare mob in Shadowmoon Valley.

Random enchantments

Suffix Stat bonus
of Intellect +31 Intellect
of Spirit +31 Versatility
of Stamina +47 Stamina
of the Eagle +31 Stamina, +21 Intellect
of the Owl +21 Intellect, +21 Versatility
of the Whale +31 Stamina, +21 Versatility
of Arcane Protection +31 Stamina, +31 Arcane Resistance
of Fire Protection +31 Stamina, +31 Fire Resistance
of Frost Protection +31 Stamina, +31 Frost Resistance
of Nature Protection +31 Stamina, +31 Nature Resistance
of Shadow Protection +31 Stamina, +31 Shadow Resistance
of the Invoker +24 Intellect, +16 Critical Strike
of the Prophet +16 Intellect, +16 Versatility, +16 Haste
of the Seer +16 Stamina, +16 Intellect, +16 Critical Strike
of the Sorcerer +24 Stamina, +16 Intellect, +16 Haste


This item shares its appearance with  [Black Mageweave Boots],  [Abyssal Cloth Slippers], and  [Abyss Walker's Boots].

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