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The subject of this article or section is part of the Call of the Scarab, a micro-world event, lasting a very short time.

For the pre-Legion item previously called Abyssal Crest, see  [Faded Abyssal Crest].
  • Abyssal Crest
  • Use: Throw the crest to another player. If they have enough room in their inventory, they will catch it!
  • Requires Call of the Scarab

Abyssal Crest is used as currency during the Call of the Scarab micro-event.

In a callback to the realm-wide gathering quest needed to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, players can choose a champion among them and funnel their drops to that player so he or she can purchase the rather expensive summoning items to spawn Abyssal Dukes or Abyssal Lords.


Crests drop from Abyssal Templars, Abyssal Dukes, and Abyssal Lords at the Twilight camps: Twilight Base Camp, Twilight Outpost, and Twilight Post. They do not drop from regular Twilight creatures at the Twilight camps.

As currency

During Call of the Scarab, Alliance  Field Marshal Snowfall and Horde  Warlord Gorchuk, located at the Scarab Dais at the southern end of Silithus, sell items needed to summon Abyssal Dukes and Abyssal Lords:

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