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Abyssal Prophet

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MobAbyssal Prophet
Image of Abyssal Prophet
Race K'thir (Aberration)
Level 35-50
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Prophet
Location Tempest's Edge, Stormsong Valley
Status Killable

Abyssal Prophets are k'thir located in Tempest's Edge in Stormsong Valley.


  • Ability priest voidentropy.png  Abyssal Portal — Opens a portal to the void that summons 3 Abyssal Spawn.
  • Spell shadow siphonmana.png  Mind Flay — Inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy every 1 sec and reduces its movement speed by 50% for 3 sec.
  • Spell priest void blast.png  Void Orb — Summons an orb of void energy that inflicts Shadow damage to all enemies in its path.


Objective of


  • Drown in the blood of the infinite.
  • Even death... may... die...
  • Gaze upon the shadow of your demise.
  • I am but one... of many...
  • I sleep... only to wake...
  • In the end... you will know the truth...
  • Know the embrace of true nothingness.
  • Light dies in the endless fathoms.
  • The currents wash you into the abyss.
  • The cycle... continues...
  • The endless shadow... embraces me...
  • The seed... takes root...
  • The stars fear our ascension.
  • Your hope... wanes...
  • Your soul will know only hunger.

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