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Adherent Squallbringer

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MobAdherent Squallbringer
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Gender Male
Race Arakkoa (Humanoid)
Level 95
Health 23,820
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Adherents of Rukhmar
Occupation Sorcerer
Location Aruuna, Talador
Status Killable

Adherent Squallbringers are arakkoa located in Aruuna in Talador.


  • Ability druid galewinds.png  Burst of Air — The caster hurls a burst of air at their target, inflicting Nature damage.
  • Inv elemental primal air.png  Localized Windstorm — The caster creates a Localized Windstorm that travels toward the target and lasts 15 sec. Players caught in the Windstorm suffer Nature damage.

Objective of


  • Scour the room! Check every corner and shadow, and do not move the artifact until we can be certain it is safe.
  • Do not trust the outcasts...
  • Exterminate them all!
  • Purge these interlopers from our midst!
  • Their curse will rot you...
  • This is not your battle, stranger.
  • This was not... Rukhmar's will...
  • You are a blight on this world.
  • You will all burn...
  • You will burn with the outcasts!

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