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Adherent of the Abyss

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MobAdherent of the Abyss
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Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Level 120 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Stormsong Valley
Status Killable

The Adherent of the Abyss is a human located in Stormsong Valley. He can only be fought by offering an  [Abhorrent Essence of the Abyss] at the Abyssal Flame. During the fight he will summon Abyssal Destroyers.



  • [Shath'Yar] ZUQ THYZZ Zuq ag'xig qwor ni ak'agthshi oou kla'kar zuq nuq n'zoth shfk
  • [Shath'Yar] I zz AGTH I plahf zuq yrr nuq ywaq on'ma lwhuk zaix za sk'woth'gl uhnish
  • [Shath'Yar] Shuul og i uull ryiu hnakf wgah iiyoq shg'fhn yrr zuq
Translated with  [Violet Truffle]
  • YOU FOOLS! You cannot hope to comprehend the power you now trifle with!
  • I am FREE! I thank you... and now your souls shall sate my fathomless hunger.
  • There is a fate much worse than death waiting for you...

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