Admiral Gar'an

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NeutralAdmiral Gar'an
Image of Admiral Gar'an
Gender Female
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Normal +Scales
Heroic +Scales
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Iron Horde
Occupation Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet
Location Dread Grotto, Blackrock Foundry
Status Killable

Admiral Gar'an is the orcish Admiral of the Iron Horde fleet. With her lieutenants, Enforcer Sorka and Marak the Blooded, she makes up the Iron Maidens. She has a deckhand named Uktar.

Objective of


  • Inv ammo bullet 06.png  Iron Shot — Admiral Gar'an fires a shot from her rifle at a random player, inflicting 64750 to 75250 Physical damage.
  • Ability ironmaidens rapidfire.png  Rapid Fire — Admiral Gar'an readies her rifle and tracks a player, firing a barrage of high-explosive rounds. Each round inflicts 111000 to 129000 Fire damage to players within 5 yards of the impact location.
  • Ability ironmaidens ironshot.png  Penetrating Shot Deadly — Gar'an lines up a Penetrating Shot at the vitals of her target, inflicting 500000 Physical damage to the target after 6 sec. Players can move between her and her target, disrupting her aim and causing the damage inflicted to be split among all intercepting players and the target. Gar'an gains this ability at 30 Iron Fury.
  • Ability ironmaidens deployturret.png  Deploy Turret — Gar'an deploys an automated Dominator Turret, which fires a series of blasts in a circular pattern. Dominator Blasts inflict 35000 Fire damage every 1 sec. for 8 sec to any players they come into contact with. This effect stacks. Gar'an gains this ability at 100 Iron Fury.


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Due to her heavy armor and her rifle, she might be a member of the Blackrock clan.

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