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Advancing the Effort

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NeutralAdvancing the Effort

50 (Requires 48)




Daily quests!
N [50] A New Foothold (in week two)


Secure a foothold atop the Ironwall Rampart in Icecrown.


While the other crusaders regain control of the tournament grounds, you and I must press on.

Our forces previously attempted to set up a forward camp farther into Icecrown, but they were overrun.

With you by our side, I am confident we can reclaim the area.


You will receive:


There is no stopping what has begun. We must continue our efforts.


Excellent work, <name>.

Preparations are underway. Soon the foothold will be stocked and ready for use as a staging ground.

For the time being, there are other matters that require your attention.


On accept:

Crusader Renn says: I await your signal.

Fly southwest to the Ironwall Rampart and interact with the Banner of the Crusade. Crusaders Renn, Lenuvas, and Blair fly in.

Crusader Renn says: Get to your positions! These grounds will be ours soon enough!

A Darksworn Bonecaster opens a portal to summon a handful of Risen Skeletons. Defeat them:

Crusader Renn says: Stand together! They won't let us take it without a fight!

Another bonecaster spawns a Lumbering Atrocity in the first wave, then in the second wave, a Cult Shadowmage and several skeletons spawn. Defeat them:

Crusader Renn says: We've got to be making headway. Stay focused!

This wave has an atrocity, a shadowmage, and some skeletons all at once.

Crusader Renn says: Don't let its size fool you. That thing is as brittle as they come. Bring it down!

A Bone Giant spawns. Defeat it:

Crusader Renn says: A job well done. I am sure the Justicar will be pleased. Let us share with her news of our success.
The three crusaders fly off.

This is the final quest of week one of Death Rising, and unlocks the first week's daily quests. Next week begins with N [50] A New Foothold from Crusader Renn.


PTR version

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the PTR stages.
With our allies steadily regaining control of these grounds it's time we press on.
Our previous efforts to establish a small forward camp deeper in the heart of Icecrown were overrun before we could settle.
With you by our side I believe we have a fighting chance to reclaim the area.

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