Aegis of Aggramar

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  • Aegis of Aggramar
  • Quest Item
  • "One of the Pillars of Creation; the Aegis of Aggramar protects its wielder with the might of the titans."
Aegis of Aggramar

The Aegis of Aggramar is one of the Pillars of Creation, once used to defend Azeroth's young world-soul from madness and corruption.[1] The Aegis can create a great, impenetrable wall of energy to protect its wielder.


The Aegis of Aggramar was situated within the Halls of Valor, in the possession of Odyn. Odyn saw the adventurers that traveled to Stormheim seeking the Aegis to use against the Burning Legion. In the guise of Havi, the Keeper guided order leaders through many trials in Stormheim to ensure their valor and worth. After passing the trials that allowed them to reach the Halls of Valor and thwarting the Felskorn, Odyn invited the heroes to the Halls of Valor for their final tasks to claim their prize. The Aegis was used in the battle with God-King Skovald. After killing Skovald and proving themselves to Odyn, the order hall leaders took the Aegis back with them to Dalaran, where it was secured.[2]

Along with the other Pillars, Khadgar used the Aegis' power in conjunction with  [Light's Heart] to return Illidan Stormrage's soul to his body during the final battle with Gul'dan.

In order to close the Burning Legion's portal at the Tomb of Sargeras, the Aegis of Aggramar was placed atop the pinnacle of the Cathedral of Eternal Night.



  • The Aegis of Aggramar can be used during the battle against God-King Skovald to block all attacks coming from before the caster.

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