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This article is about the monk ability. For the afterlife in lore, see spirit world.
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  • Afterlife
  • Level 28 Windwalker monk ability
  • Passive
  • When you kill an enemy, you summon a Healing Sphere, healing you for (196.56% of Attack power) when you walk through it.

    When you kill an enemy with Blackout Kick, you have a 50% chance to summon a Chi Sphere, granting 1 Chi when you walk through it.
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Afterlife is a passive level 28 Windwalker monk ability.


  • The monk must score the killing blow in order to trigger this passive. If someone else deals the killing blow, neither sphere will spawn.
  • The target must be in a level range that can grant experience or honor in order to trigger this passive. Trivial mobs will never trigger Afterlife.
  • Both the healing and chi spheres are only visible to the monk that triggered them, and may only be consumed by the monk.
  • The healing orb is capable of a critical effect based on the monk's critical strike chance.
  • The chi sphere may be consumed even if the monk is at full chi, wasting the sphere.

Patches and hotfixes

  • Legion Patch 7.1.0 (2016-10-25): Now available at level 28, up from level 26.
  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2015-09-01): "Healing Sphere no longer has an excessively loud sound effect."
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Now always summons a Healing Sphere when an enemy is killed.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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