Against the Legion

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Not to be confused with N [70] Against the Legion.
NeutralAgainst the Legion

70 (Requires 68)




N [70] Illidan's Pupil

Against the Legion sends the players to Netherstorm to defeat a demon that has been eluding Altruis' blade.


Altruis the sufferer wants you to obtain  [Freshly Drawn Blood] from a Wrath Priestess at Forge Base: Gehenna in Netherstorm. Spill it on the ground and slay the Avatar of Sathal. Return to Altruis when you've completed this task.

Task to Complete:


The Wrath Priestesses wander around the Forge Base so you might get extra enemies when you fight one. The  [Freshly Drawn Blood] only has a duration of 60 seconds so you must use it quickly before it disappears from your inventory. The blood's timer doesn't start until it is in your inventory. You can leave it on the corpse until you are ready to summon. The blood needs to be used in the Forge Base: Gehenna area. It's a good idea to clear an area of demons, pull a Wrath Priestess to that area, kill her, take the blood, and use it immediately to summon the Avatar. The Avatar of Sathal can cast Shadowbolts and channels a Rain of Chaos in addition to melee attacks.

You must complete Altruis' other 2 quests (N [70] Against All Odds and N [70] Against the Illidari) before you can move to the next step in the quest chain.

Edit: Since patch 3.3.0 this quest is bugged. When you use the blood you get an error message saying that you need to be in the Forge of Souls to use the blood. This bug has occurred with other quests at Forge Base Gehenna. However, it is still possible to complete this quest if you use the Dungeon Finder system to teleport to the Forge of Souls immediately after looting the blood, assuming you meet the requirements to enter.

Edit: Since patch 3.3.3 (11723) that bug is apperently fixed.


The Burning Legion has proven its capacity to corrupt mortal souls time and again. If I'm to entrust you with the knowledge you seek, I must have proof of your allegiance.

A demoness known as Sathal has eluded me for a long time as she's gifted with an incorporeal form.

She watches over the Wrath Priestesses as they do her bidding at Forge Base: Gehenna. Slay one of her minions and spill her blood on the ground. This affront should cause Sathal to materialize temporarily. Slay her while you can.


You've proven you're not tainted by the Legion's touch and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


  1. N [70] Karabor Training Grounds
  2. N [70] A Necessary Distraction
  3. N [70] Altruis
  4. N [70] Illidan's Pupil
  5. N [70D] The Book of Fel Names
  6. N [70] Return to the Aldor or N [70] Return to the Scryers
  7. N [70G] Varedis Must Be Stopped or N [70G] Varedis Must Be Stopped

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