Age of a Hundred Kings (object)

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For the time period itself, see Age of a Hundred Kings.

Age of a Hundred Kings

Age of a Hundred Kings is a mogu lore object found at [62.5, 37.7] on the right-hand side of the Foot of Lei Shen, the last area unlocked on the Isle of Thunder. Interacting with the lore object is one of the requirements of the Pandaria exploration achievement [Gods and Monsters].

Long after the age of the Titans, when the mogu had turned to flesh and fallen on one another, the land was in chaos. Mogu warlords fought for territory and power. It was the Age of a Hundred Kings.

This was the era of Lei Shen. Young and proud, he saw the ruined works of his forefathers scattered across the war-torn landscape. He lived with a profound sense that his people were not living up to their purpose or potential.

The titans no longer spoke. Lei Shen took it upon himself to speak for them.

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