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Image of Ahanu
Title <Leather Armor Merchant>
Gender Male
Race Tauren (Humanoid)
Level 30
Health 1,003
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thunder Bluff
Occupation Vendor
Location Lower rise, Thunder Bluff [45.6, 55.8]

Ahanu is a level 30 leather armor vendor located on the lower rise in the tauren city of Thunder Bluff.

During the feast for the Highmountain tauren, he was trapped by the Void.[1]

Vendor information

Inv chest leather 10.png [Cured Leather Armor]
27s 95c
Inv boots 03.png [Cured Leather Boots]
21s 12c
Inv bracer 04.png [Cured Leather Bracers]
13s 93c
Inv gauntlets 21.png [Cured Leather Gloves]
14s 13c
Inv pants 06.png [Cured Leather Pants]
28s 6c
Inv belt 06.png [Cured Leather Belt]
13s 88c
Inv pants wolf.png [Tanned Leather Pants]
14s 47c
Inv boots wolf.png [Tanned Leather Boots]
10s 77c
Inv bracer 08.png [Tanned Leather Bracers]
7s 28c
Inv gauntlets 05.png [Tanned Leather Gloves]
7s 21c
Inv chest wolf.png [Tanned Leather Jerkin]
14s 52c
Inv belt 23.png [Tanned Leather Belt]
7s 26c


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