Ahead on the Way

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NeutralAhead on the Way
A Maw of Despair

87 (Requires 86)




Item level 399 weapons
10g 20s



Kill the Maw of Despair in both the eastern and western pagodas at the Temple of the Red Crane.


Huge maws of despair are spewing out sha from the pagodas on either side of the temple. Meanwhile, your impromptu training in the Way continues.

"She who mends torn umbrella will be more dry than she who strikes at rain."

While I take issue with that particular lesson—sometimes punching the rain can be quite effective—the meaning holds true in this case.

Take out those maws of despair and give my order a chance at reclaiming the temple grounds.


Item level 399 weapons
Inv sword 2h pandariaquest b 01.png [Red Crane Sword] Inv sword 1h pandariaquest b 04.png [Crane Temple Blade]
Inv shield pandariaquest b 02.png [Ward of Despair] Inv shield pandariaquest b 02.png [Hope's Shield]
Inv knife 1h pandariaquest b 03.png [Sha-Warped Blade] Inv hand 1h pandariaquest b 02.png [Maw of Despair]
Inv offhand 1h pandariaquest b 02.png [Red Crane Scepter] Inv offhand 1h pandariaquest b 01.png [Lantern of Hope]
Inv misc bag 10 blue.png [Hero's Purse]

You will also receive: 10g 20s


Koro said there's a pagoda on either side of the temple. Let's find them and wipe out the sha presence in both.


Koro's metaphors can get a little tiring, but there's always true wisdom behind them.


  • 129000 XP


Pick up N [87] Striking the Rain and N [87] Sha Can Awe before heading out.

After picking up all three, Anduin will join the adventurer's party, adding a buff: Aura of Hope - "Fortified by Anduin Wrynn. When you defeat a sha creature at the Temple of the Red Crane, you regain a portion of your health and mana, and inspire nearby Hopeless defenders. The more powerful the sha vanquished, the greater the magnitude of these effects.

Head down to the temple and get started killing sha, making sure to kite them close to defenders before actually finishing them off, but don't focus on the killing yet. Valid units include Haunt of Despair, Incarnation of Despair, and Source of Despair. On either side of the temple are two very large pagodas with a Maw of Despair, a level 87 sha with 644,000 health. Kill all along the way down there, mindful of the location of the hopeless pandaren on the sha's death. The maw of despair will channel Wail of Despair - interrupt it quickly to limit the number of Ripple of Despair spawns. Kill around to the other side of the temple and cleanse the other pagoda. By this point, all three quests should be done.


  1. B [86] Into the Wilds
  2. N [87] Unsafe Passage
  3. N [87] Blinding the Riverblades & N [87] Tread Lightly & N [87] The Murksweats
  4. N [87] Ahead on the Way & N [87] Striking the Rain & N [87] Sha Can Awe
  5. N [87] In the House of the Red Crane

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