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Image of Ahlurglgr
Title <Clam Vendor>
Race Murloc (Humanoid)
Level 69
Location Winterfin Retreat, Borean Tundra

Ahlurglgr is a friendly Murloc Clam Vendor stationed in Winterfin Retreat.

He could be considered the quartermaster of the Winterfin Tribe of murlocs as he sells items for Winterfin Clams

He is involved in the following quests:

  1. Activequest N [71] Winterfin Commerce


Inv drink 20.png [Winterfin "Depth Charge"]
1 Winterfin Clam
Inv potion 17.png [Breath of Murloc]
5 Winterfin Clam
Inv potion 20.png [Murliver Oil]
2 Winterfin Clam
Inv misc shell 04.png [Winterfin Horn of Distress]
5 Winterfin Clam
Inv helmet 13.png [Sea King's Crown]
30 Winterfin Clam
Inv helmet 46.png [Winterfin Patch of Honor]
30 Winterfin Clam
Inv spear 04.png [Tidebreaker Trident]
50 Winterfin Clam
Inv misc gem pearl 09.png [Northsea Pearl]
30 Winterfin Clam
Inv misc gem pearl 11.png [Siren's Tear]
100 Winterfin Clam

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