Ain't No Place Like Home

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HordeAin't No Place Like Home
Start Automatic
End Wistel Silversnitch
Level 120 (Requires 110)
Category Warfronts
Rewards  [Scroll of Town Portal]
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [120] There's No Place Like Home.


Talk to Wistel Silversnitch


Let me tell you, this is a big place, this Arathi Highlands, and I've no doubt at some point you are going to need to quick step it back to our lovely new base. How about I help you out with that?


You will receive:
Inv scroll 07.png [Scroll of Town Portal]


You know what you need? You need a good, easy way to get back to me to buy your things whenever you want. I can help ya there.


  • Beta name: What Ya Looking For.



  1. H [120] The Warfront Looms
  2. H [120] To the Front
  3. H [120] Touring the Front
  4. H [120] Back to Zuldazar

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