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Airships are used for many different things such as transportation of people, materials and warlike use, as seen in Icecrown Citadel. It is usually used to refer to an Alliance flying machine, or the Alliance equal to a Horde zeppelin.[citation needed]  Goblin zeppelins are also called airships.[1][2]

Jaina Proudmoore rented several airships for Theramore from goblins. The Horde had the same ones, especially Warchief Thrall had its own and the only difference between them was an added Frostwolf clan symbol.[3] Lorena and her team used one.

On alternate Draenor, airships were used to spot and attack hostile ships and were used by the Alliance and Horde.[4] The Iron Horde also discovered an abandoned airship base south of Nagrand. The Alliance and Horde defended the base and launched air support for Tanaan Jungle.[5]

The Icecrown gunships are sometimes called airships on the official community site and in several spells and files.[6][7][8] The gunships above the Isle of Conquest are called airships in-game, showing it is an alternate name.

Garrosh Hellscream flew to Twilight Highlands on an airship.[9] The Skyseeker was called airship by Aysa Cloudsinger[10] and Lorewalker Cho referred to the gunship Hellscream's Fist as a great airship.[11] The gunship Darkspear's Might is also called airship.[12]

Goblin airship crewmen and marines participated in the Fall of Theramore.