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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The dwarves have taken to technology with exceptional efficiency. The stout race is more focused than gnomes, and less manic than goblins when it comes to implementing technology. Most dwarven technology, while efficient and well designed, appeals to their more martial nature. In other words, the dwarves enjoy making better weapons.

These alchemically enhanced grenades deliver elemental effects with a blast. The dwarves have made a grenade for electricity, fire and ice. Other variations include a grenade that unleashes a low baleful howl to terrify targets, and a grenade that unleashes choking gas.

Each type of grenade has distinct special effect:

  • Electricity: Electrical energy can stun even the sturdiest opponent.
  • Fire: The burst area is filled with flames.
  • Ice: Anyone inside the blast radius of an ice grenade slows temporarily due to the chill.
  • Gas: Alchemical gas grenades create a cloud that fills a volume of 30 feet. All living creatures within the cloud risks being nauseated until the cloud disperses.
  • Howl: Howl grenades do not deal damage. Instead, the devices release a hellish, demonic howl that affects anyone within 20 feet of the grenade.[1]


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