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Aleforged Warbringer

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AllianceAleforged Warbringer
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Race Dwarven golem (Elemental)
Level 110 - 120 Elite
Health 409,095
Reaction Alliance
Location Stormsong Valley
Status Active

Aleforged Warbringer is a dwarven golem located in Stormsong Valley during Faction Assaults.


  • Ability ironmaidens deployturret.png  Flame Rupture — Inflicts Fire damage to enemies on a line in front of the caster.
  • Ability foundryraid heatregulators.png  Vent Heat — Deals Fire damage to all enemies around the caster for 3 sec.
  • Ability vehicle liquidpyrite.png  Volatile Keg — Hurl a keg of brew at the target, dealing damage to all enemies and reducing their movement speed by 20%. Explodes if set on fire.

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