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Image of Alius
Gender Male
Race Draenei
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Unnamed wife, Leena (daughter)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Alius was the father of Leena. During the war between the orcs and draenei, Alius, his wife and daughter Leena had to once hid before orcs in a cavern. As he was persuading them to leave him, an orc entered the cave. While his wife and daughter escaped, Alius attacked the orc only to be surprised with the orc's reaction. The orc, Jaruk Bloodfyre did not want to attacked him and gave his axe to him. However, in the next seconds, a spear tossed by J'argg Bloodfyre pierced his chest. J'argg then went to follow his wife. Alius wanted from Jaruk to help his family but Jaruk responded that the only thing he could do was to quickly ease his pain.[1]