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All's Well

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AllianceAll's Well

23 (Requires 19)




350 Darnassus


All's Well completes the Alliance quest chain to cure the night elf child Relara Whitemoon in Astranaar of her sickness.


Deliver the Sanctified Moonstones to Pelturas Whitemoon at Astranaar in Ashenvale.


Thank you for saving me from a fate worse than death, <name>! For saving both the child and myself!

Well, the child is almost saved. All you have to do is take the moonstones back west down the road to Astranaar. Hand them to Pelturas and he will know what to do.

Go in peace, my friend. Elune be praised!


You will be able to choose one of the following:
Inv gauntlets 23.png [Whitemoon Gloves] Inv belt 41.png [Belt of Healing Charms]
Inv boots chain 12.png [Boots of the Deliverer]

You will also receive: 30s (or 13s 80c at max level)


<Name>, is that you? Have you returned with the cure for Relara?


Oh, <name>, you have saved my daughter! I know the power of the moonstones will give back my daughter her strength!

I can never repay you fully for the aid you have given me, but... please, take this. Other than Relara, it is my most dear possession.



Pelturas Whitemoon crushes the moonstones into a cup of tea.
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Here you are, Relara. Drink this...
Relara Whitemoon says: Mmh... my eyes are not so heavy now, father. Can we go out and play?
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Relara... you're awake?
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Rest now, my daughter.
Pelturas Whitemoon looks at <name>, and then weeps with joy.
Pelturas Whitemoon says: Relara is saved, <name>. Thank you.


  1. A [20] Ashes in Ashenvale or A [20] Hero's Call: Ashenvale! (optional breadcrumb quests)
  2. A [21] Bathran's Hair / A [21] Don't Forget the Horde
  3. A [21] Delivery for Orendil
  4. A [21] Bathed in Light
  5. A [23] Orendil's Cure
  6. A [23] Elune's Tear
  7. A [23] A Trip to the Moonwell
  8. A [23] He Who Would Be Forgiven
  9. A [23] In the Hands of the Perverse
  10. A [23] All's Well

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