All Due Respect

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NeutralAll Due Respect

96 (Requires 96)




13g 80s


N [96] The Crone


N [96] Syth's Secret


Retrieve the Feather of Syth and the Saga of Terokk.


A group of Adherents came 'round just before the attack on Skettis. Disguised myself as a mushroom, I did. The fools walked right past me.

My neighbor up the road was not so lucky.

He had a fondness for texts, if I recall. Might be valuable information in his hut, if you give Reshad a moment to rummage around.

Oh, and bring one of his feathers to the shrine near Veil Terokk, would you? He was such a dear, and I know it's what he'd want.

On accept of all three:

Reshad says: Ornekka, it is not safe here - the Adherents are out in full force. Come with us to Veil Terokk.
Ornekka says: Oh, how sweet of you, Reshad! I never knew you cared.
ornekka says: But my old bones would only slow you down. I'll be fine here.
Reshad says: Very well. Let us proceed, <name>.


You will receive: 13g 80s


Here, I'll take them both for safekeeping.


<Reshad presses the feather into the tome before sliding it into his robes.>

We have one more stop before the wayshrine...



Pick up N [96] A Charming Deception N [96] Echo Hunters before heading out.

Start heading south along the path, interacting with Illusion Charms on trees and killing the resulting Adherent Harriers. Use the bonus action button to stun the summoned Adherent and do a little free damage to it. N [96] Echo Hunters are a bit further off the path.

East of the pond is rare Draenor ancient Shadowbark. Just off the path southwest of the pond where Shadowbark was found is Syth's abode. Pluck a feather from Syth, and loot The Saga of Terokk from Syth's Bookcase.

Reshad says: Step aside, <name>. Let us see if this fellow had anything worthwhile...
Reshad says: Mind the door, will you?
Hold off the Adherents.

Four waves of 2-4 adherents attack. Heal up between waves! While the attack goes on:

Reshad says: My, my... What a curious collection...
Reshad says: Percy, what's that you've got there? Come, now, let's see it...
Reshad says: Fifty Layers of Shadow?! PERCIVAL, YOU PUT THAT BACK THIS INSTANT.
Reshad says: Nasty bird...
Reshad says: Ah, here's something! The Saga of Terokk.
Reshad says: And he's written notes inside. Here, have a look.

Turn in All Due Respect and pick up N [96] Syth's Secret. before moving on. Also, behind Syth's house to the west is rare tiger Nightmaw.

Keep heading south along the path. Just before it starts going uphill, three winged arakkoa are guarding the entrance to a ravager den. Inside, Sun-Talon Oberyx has found the Eye of Anzu:

Sun-Talon Oberyx says: So this is what the little sneak was hiding... the High Sage will be pleased.

Aggro Oberyx:

Sun-Talon Oberyx says: That wretched outcast begged for death in the end - and so will you!

Loot  [The Eye of Anzu] from Oberyx's corpse, then finish up the other quests outside. Head south to the Terokkar Wayshrine to turn in.


  1. B [96] News from Spires of Arak
  2. N [96] Arakkoa Exodus
  3. N [96] The Shadows of Skettis
  4. Complete both:
  5. N [96] Orders From On High
  6. N [96] The Crone
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N [96] A Gathering of Shadows


"Fifty Layers of Shadow" is a reference to the controversial erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey. This notion is supported by Reshad's mention of "old scrolls and erotic sorcery-fiction" in the following quest, N [96] Syth's Secret.

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