Allen Farmstead

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Allen Farmstead.

Allen Farmstead is a subzone of Gilneas. It is a livestock farm seemingly run by Marie Allen that raises horses, sheep, and mastiffs. It is located east of and downhill from Duskhaven, and is next door to the Hammond Farmstead. The storm cellar here becomes a staging area for a counteroffensive against the invading Forsaken.

As with Duskhaven, the farmstead was also swallowed by the sea.

Looper Allen seems to be from there.


Quest givers
Added after A [6] Leader of the Pack


  • Initial phase only: Oddly enough, there is a picture of a little girl on the second floor in the corner as you top the stairs. If examined, the little girl's eyes blink. Another area this picture can be seen is within one of the buildings[37.4, 59.1] in Greymane Court in Gilneas City.